About us
Tuesday March 28, 2017

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya was founded by Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih II [ra] . His love for the youth is very evident in the awe– inspiring personal example he lead. It is related that Huzoor [ra] used to present himself for Waqar–e–Amal, that he used to arrive, take off his turban, and then with his own hands dig some earth, collect it in a basket and carry it to the appropriate place.

Literally, the “Dignity of Labour” the work performed during sessions of Waqare–e–Aml are saturated with blessings and this department aims to give all Khuddam a chance to partake of them. 

In addition, a large part of the manpower required for the annual preparations for the Jalsa Salana and MKAN National Khuddam Ijtema is co–ordinated through the Waqar–e–Aml department.


  • There  should  be  reminder  to  the  Ilaqa  Qaideen  through  Bulk  sms, Whatsapp forum or at the Mulk meeting monthly. This will assist them to remind all the Dil’a and Muqami in their state.
  • Ilaqa  Qaideen  Should  ensure  proper  monitoring  of  the  Dil’a  and  the Muqami so as not to limit their activities to mosque cleaning only. It should be extended to the community.
  • National Wakar-amal should be properly monitored and supervised by the Qaideen at all level for total compliance. While Mulk Wakar-amal will be monitored and supervised by the Muhtamin Wakar-amal office.
  • Muhtamin Wakar-amal will continue to remind, monitored and supervised the concerned Ilaqa(Lagos and Ogun) for the monthly Wakar-amal at the headquarters and Majlis secretariat.